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Snow Guards for metal roofing is our main business. This is a comprehensive resource for architects to access product specification sheets, cut sheets, and other useful information for our products. If you have any questions on the information below, please feel free to contact us at 250 517 8000

The Theory
Snow and ice can dangerously avalanche off of glossy-coated metal roofing. These hazards can be prevented with the installation of snow guards.

Once frozen, precipitation loses its grip on a metal roof and begins a down-hill slide. A row of guards placed along the eave or gutter edge of the roof is not always enough protection against these dangers. Our approach to snow guard placement involves placing snow guards throughout the entire area of the roof to keep snow and ice from initially shifting. If you hold snow and ice in place with an effective snow guard layout, you are able to evenly distribute the load on the roof and snow guards; virtually eliminating the threat of an avalanche. An evenly distributed snow load will preserve the long-term integrity of the structure and snow guard pattern.

Use our Spacing Tool to learn about the placement of snow guards for your project.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Commentary on Snow Loads

This document is used by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as Technical Instructions for snow loads. Our SnoJax II is found on page 26, however, contrary to the image, we suggest that multiple rows of staggered snow guards be installed throughout the roof to effectively hold snow in place. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Commentary on Snow Loads (pdf)

Spec Sheets Cut Sheets Product Links
SnoBlox Deuce Spec
SnoBlox Ace Spec
SnoJax I Spec
SnoJax II Spec
IceJax I Spec
IceJax II Spec
SnowCatcher Spec
SnowBreaker Spec
SnoCleat RC-RCT Spec
SnoCleat PBR Spec
SnoCleat 2.67 Spec
VentSaver P-383 Spec
VentSaver FB-151 Spec
VentSaver HD Spec
SS VentSaver Plate  
SureBond SB-190
SnoBar Spec
ColorBar Spec
WindBar Spec
Roof Clamp Spec
EcoBlox Spec
NovaFlex Spec
SnoBlox Deuce Cut Sheet
SnoBlox Ace Cut Sheet
SnoJax I Cut Sheet
SnoJax II Cut Sheet
IceJax I Cut Sheet
IceJax II Cut Sheet
SnowCatcher Cut Sheet
SnowBreaker Cut Sheet
SnoCleat RC-RCT Cut Sheet
SnoCleat PBR Cut Sheet
SnoCleat 2.67 Cut Sheet
VentSaver P-383 Cut Sheet
Ventsaver FB-151 Cut Sheet
VentSaver HD Cut Sheet
SS VentSaver Cut Sheet
SureBond SB-190 Cut Sheet
SnoBar Cut Sheet
ColorBar Cut Sheet
WindBar Cut Sheet
Roof Clamp Cut Sheet
EcoBlox Cutsheet
NovaFlex Sealant Cut Sheet
SnoBlox Deuce
SnoBlox Ace
Snojax I
Snojax II
IceJax I
IceJax II
SnoCleat RC-RCT
SnoCleat PBR
SnoCleat 2.67
VentSaver P-383
VentSaver FB-151
VentSaver HD
SS VentSaver
SureBond SB-190
Roof Clamp
NovaFlex Sealant



Installation Instructions:  Snow Guards, VentSavers, Roof Clamp.