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Screws for snow guards: #14 for fastening into wood purlin

Screws for snow guards: #14 for fastening into wood purlin

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Minimum Order Size: 50 pieces

This is a high quality #14, self-tapping screw that is 2 inches long with an attached neoprene washer. These screws feature case hardened carbon steel construction with an anti-corrosion protective coating. These 1/4 - 14 X 2" Teks/3 screws feature a pre-threaded bonded washer with and a 3/8” high hex washer head. This screw should only be used for snow guard attachment into wood purlins. The driller screw tip on this screw more easily penetrates the thing polycarbonate at the base of the screw indentation in the snow guard than other screws we have tried. it quickly pierces that, and then also quickly pierces the steel roofing, and provides secure attachment into the wood framing ("strapping", or "purlins") below. Note that when screwing down snow guards into wood framing,  at least 1" of wood thickness is recommended. It is not recommended to attach snow guards to plywood or OSB roof sheathing alone. 

Not recommended for use on standing seam floating metal panels. Use the adhesive mounting method, or SnowBreaker product, instead, for that type of roof.