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WB1 Natural Wood Preservative: Select 5L or 1L Container.

WB1 Natural Wood Preservative: Select 5L or 1L Container.

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An excellent product from Germany, WB1 is a solvent-free, water-soluble wood preservative that protects against fire, fungus, insects (even termites) and is produced with sustainable mineral and plant resources.


Wood-Bliss 1 natural wood preservationNatural wood preservative. internationally certified and tested, pesticide and  fungicide free: natural…clever!

  • Protects wood against parasites, fungus infestation, termites and fire.
  • Prevents fire expansion and smoke development in treated wood.
  • Works immediately when wood is already infested with insects and fungus.
  • Blocks harmful emissions from previous chemical treatments; does not create any new emissions.

    NOTE: Shipped as concentrate and will usually be diluted by adding three parts water. To obtain good protection two coats are recommended:  200 ml of product to one square meter of wood surface. This translates into about 20 square meters (215 square feet) coverage for one litre of concentrate!