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WoodBliss1 Natural Wood Preservative

WoodBliss1 Natural Wood Preservative

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 An excellent product from Germany, WOOD-BLISS 1 is a solvent-free, water-soluble wood preservative that protects against fire, fungus, insects (even termites) and is produced with sustainable mineral and plant resources.


Wood-Bliss 1 natural wood preservationNatural wood preservative. internationally certified and tested, pesticide and  fungicide free: natural…clever!

  • Protects wood against parasites, fungus infestation, termites and fire.
  • Prevents fire expansion and smoke development in treated wood.
  • Works immediately when wood is already infested with insects and fungus.
  • Blocks effects of pollutant emission without self-emission.

    NOTE: Wood Bliss is shipped in concentrate and will usually be diluted by adding three parts water. To obtain good protection two coats are recommended which will provide 200ml of product to one square meter of wood surface. This translates into about 20 square meters (215 square feet) coverage for one liter of concentrate