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Snowbreaker 3M Tape (Peel and Stick)

Snowbreaker 3M Tape (Peel and Stick)

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Safely break apart sliding snow and ice! The SnowBreaker 3M - Peel and Stick, uses pre-attached 3M brand adhesive tape. The cutting edge design reduces significant shear load so it is an ideal peel and stick solution for year round winter time installation. Aesthetically, the SnowBreaker is pleasing to the eye, very easy to install and is very effective in preventing damage caused by the sudden release of snow and ice, all without worries of overloading your roof. No other snow guard can make this claim! As the snow and ice slides on the roof, this cost effective product minimizes the danger by slicing the frozen precipitation into small pieces so it can safely come off the roof. The forward cutting edge and the tucked back rear support form a triangular shape that acts like a fin to split up the frozen precipitation.

Helpful Links:  Spacing Overview  Isolated Placement Guide

Isolated Areas and Doorways: In theory, a snow guard can not hold snow and ice in an isolated area on a roof because the load of the frozen mass will extend to the unprotected area. This severely overloads the snow retention system and will cause premature release and eventual failure. The SnowBreaker is not designed to hold snow for very long so this theory can be modified by placing the SnowBreaker in a 45 degree outward angle over the desired isolated area to protect. This is a huge cost savings over conventional snow guard systems that require the entire roof area to have snow retention just to protect isolated areas.  Please see Isolated Placement Guide for recommendations in isolated areas. CAUTION, the SnowBreaker product may not be a total protection solution for vent pipes, chimneys, masts and Doorways! The user shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use and assumes all liability for use and handling. Purchase includes adequate SureBond SB-190 to apply a bead of adhesive around the entire perimeter of the SnowBreaker (1:50). Fits most 1.5" flat areas and stands 2.875" tall.