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Snoblox Ace

Snoblox Ace

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The “ACE” can be adhesive or mechanically fastened and requires a 3" flat mounting area. They will fit most brands of screwed-down 36" panels that have three 12" flats and the majority of the standing seam floating panels with at least a 3 inch flat area.

The waffled base enhances the bonding power when used with the SB-190. Starter points are provided for mechanically fastening with self-drilling screws.

Professional ATI test results show the SnoBlox “ACE” held up to 4849 pounds when screw mounted and 1449 pounds when adhesive mounted using the Surebond SB-190. All tests were performed simulating realistic snow loading conditions applied to face of the guard.

Not recommended for placement in just isolated areas such as chimneys, doorways, vents and partial roof sections. Available in clear. Adhesive/Sealant/Screws/Panel Wipes sold separately. (Face measures 3" wide x 5" high, and base measures 3" W x 5" L)

Install Layout and Spacing

PLEASE NOTE: For the various polycarbonate snow guards we sell, it is very important that you obtain a layout. This will indicate the number of snow guards and spacing needed for each product's typical repeated pattern up the roof slope.

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