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SnoBar and the variants ColorBar and ColorRail are a year round snow retention solution available in 16 ga. mill finish, stainless steel, or custom matched powder coating. Systems can be designed for most roof panels with either non-penetrating stainless Clamp-On attachment or screw down brackets (ColorBrackets, see below).

SnoBar is 1" x 1" Galvanized steel bar. It can also be ordered powder coated to match the roof (this adds to the lead time and cost).

ColorBar is a mill finish aluminum extrusion bar with a slot in the face which can accept "ColorStrips" (or you may get these made locally, they are strips of painted flat metal the same colour as the roof steel, and are slid into the slots into the ColorBar)

ColorRail is simply ColorBar that has been powder coated to match the colour of the roof. (This adds to lead time and cost).

There is also an optional ColorBracket system that allows the mounting of any of the above bars onto a screwed down metal roof. Please inquire about this if needed.

Optional Ice Stoppers can be used to prevent snow and ice from sliding under the rail for maximum holding efficiency.

Note that for longer roof sheets, steeper pitches, and higher snow loads, the number of rows of bars required will be greater. In some cases, one row near the eave will suffice, but this is not always true.

Let us custom design a "SnoBar" system for your project and provide you with a free quote. Use the form below. Divide your roof up into "Areas". Up to 8 Areas can be used per form submission. If you have more than 8, you may submit a second form. 

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