Surebond SB-190 when ordered along with snow guards


Requires 28 days or (672 Hours) at 50 Degrees (F) or above to achieve full cure. Temperatures below 40 Degrees (F) will delay cure time, until temperatures reach 50 Degrees (F) or above to completely cure. SureBond SB-190 provides improved life and durability, and better impact strength and has been approved for use in prisons to secure fixtures. SureBond bonds with concrete, finished metals, painted metals, rubber, plastics, fiberglass, pipe, conduit, FRP-plywood and composites, while eliminating costly fasteners, rattles and leaks.

Available in clear.
A single tube of Surebond can adhere:

  • 5-8 SnoJax II
  • 7-10 SnoBlox ACE or IceJax II
  • 16-20 SnoBlox Deuce or IceJax I 

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